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Discover how SO WHAT can help you clear clutter and get organized forever!

Dear Friend,

I’ve got good news for you.

Do you find yourself now in a situation where you require a little help with things that are getting out of control, I want you to know your not alone. With the hectic schedule most of us try and maintain these days it’s no wonder that our life and homes can easily become unorganized.

Taking care of the kids, our spouse, running to soccer, baseball, hockey practice, getting groceries it’s not surprising that some things are forgotten or left behind sometimes cleaning and organizing is the last thing anyone is thinking of until you end up with a big mess.

I can tell you this because I have been where you are. I was the one with the big mess. Searching for a solution, trying to understand how and why I could never seem to get myself organized for good. I felt like a failure to myself and my family.

There is a simple easy way to get organized once and for all. I have the solution, it has worked for me and thousands of others.Get organized

Your home is your sanctuary. You might live with a mob or by yourself, you might have recently inherited a houseful of belongings, gotten married or become overwhelmed and over run as your family has grown. You might have a weakness for garage sales, shopping or infomercials.

You might be the pack rat or maybe you live with one. I make no promises that you will be completely cured of your hoarding ways, but once you know what your personal weaknesses are, it becomes easier to curb your compulsions.

Maybe you live in a shoebox or you’ve managed to fill 2,000 sq. ft. to capacity. You might be feeling that you somehow missed out on the c

lean gene. You might find yourself looking for excuses right now, people to blame, reasons y

ou don’t have time to declutter and stay organized.

But I say, SO WHAT! Simple Organization Without Having Any Time.

Let’s face it who wants to leave their home looking like it was just through a new’s years eve party. I don’t know about you but it’s embarrassing when company comes over and it makes me feel terrible looking at the mess.

Yet at the same time you don’t want to be running around cleaning and tidying every 5 minutes all day long either. Luckily there’s now a simple solution to help you stay organized and live your life too.

No, you don’t have to clean all day to have a neat and organized home free from clutter, instead you can get the same results you want with a small consistent effort. Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect.

“The butterfly effect refers to the idea that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location”.

How Is This Possible?

Before I explain how this is possible and how it relates to your clutter please allow me to properly introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Shirley MacNeil.  I’m a housewife and I have 30 years experience in the organization and declutter field. I have read hundreds of books and in turn developed my own ideas and strategies that have helped thousands organize and declutter their lives.

Having raised two children and a husband, “yes sometimes I feel like I raised him too” has given me real life experience. I have gone from living in a mountain of clutter to labeling and organizing my CD’s in alphabetical order. A little extreme I do admit. I have become an organizational addict and my experience can help you.

With my help and a little planning you can live an organized life and free yourself from the clutter thus saving you time, money and reducing stress. Doesn’t that sound GREAT!

Let’s get back to the butterfly and the tornado… How does this extraordinary effect relate to you. Well first you may be able to relate because your house may look like a tornado hit it. LOL Just kidding! You see the effect can be put to work for you. Simply put if you make very small changes in your daily schedule and routines you can create habits that can have a very compounding effect on your entire life forever!

Small Changes = Big results

Sounds simple right? Well we all have good intentions to get organized, achieve goals and live a healthy and happy life. We are all guilty of falling off the wagon or becoming sidetracked and not fulfilling or completing our goals. We all need a little help sometimes from someone who has experience and expertise in the problem area.

I know several people who go out and hire a professional organizer. There great if you can afford one but what ends up happening is after they come and organize your home their way, a few months later it looks like they have never been there because you go back to your old ways.

You need to first decide that you want to change. You see until you make this decision you will always find yourself sliding back to your old ways. Don’t let that happen!

I want you to picture your life a year from now. Are you taking the steps you need to get to where you want to be.

I love the phrase “one step at a time”. I live my life by these words. No matter how bad your situation may be even if your a full blown hoarder. You can let me help you and we will do this together one step at a time. Think of some of the goals you have achieved in your life you probably had a little help. Let me help you please and in a short time you will be living your life free from clutter and you will be so organized you will be the envy of your friends.

Let’s start on our journey where you will not allow yourself to get stressed, because I will show you how to do it at a pace that works in tune with your time and in step with your lifestyle – one easy bite at a time.

You will be on the road to freeing yourself of habits that create clutter. You will feel a sense of pride in your home and so will your family.

Your will live life in harmony with a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

You will be able to invite guests to your home any time you want without feeling panic.

You will be able to find a screwdriver when you need it next.

I can help you if you will let me.

Sincerely Yours Shirley MacNeil

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