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5 Declutter Tips to Help you Organize your Home

When it comes to declutter tips, there are a number of suggestions that can help you get your home in order. Five of these strategies are listed below.

1. Start with all of the cabinets and closets. The hidden storage areas of the home tend to collect a great deal of items over time. These things can be forgotten about, causing them to clutter up the space that could be used only for necessary items. Ridding the areas of unneeded items is one of the most effective closet organization ideas to put your home back in order.

2. Bathroom storage areas should be cleaned out at least every three months. Almost empty shampoo bottles can collect around the tub, leaving little room for the items that really need to be there. The same can be said for the almost empty toothpaste in the vanity. The linen closet is another area that can be easily cluttered as you collect towels and washcloths over the years. Organize these areas as often as you see fit in order to keep things look nice and clean.

3. Go through your children’s toys twice a year. This is best done at their birthday and before the holidays. You may want to be on a more precise schedule, and clean and organize their rooms every six months. Keeping the same cleaning times each year allows you to remember to declutter and organize their living areas. Getting kids organized at an early age will provide them with the skills to put things in their proper place, helping you keep the entire home free of clutter.

4. Be prepared to part with a lot of items. This may be one of the most difficult declutter tips to hear, but it will allow you to be so much more productive in your organization efforts. Each time you give your home a deep cleaning, you need to get rid of anything that you have not used since the last time you cleaned. Having the “I will use it eventually” mindset will only allow for more clutter and disarray in the home.

5. Enlist the help of everyone in the family when it comes to decluttering and organizing the home. This lets all members of the household learn the proper techniques for getting organized, as well as allow them to see where everything belongs. Doing all the work yourself will lead to an uncooperative family. They may not intentionally mess up your hard work, but may not know where items should be stored or have good organization skills if they do not help

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