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Declutter the House…Starting Today!

If you are tired of coming one to one big mess, it is time to declutter the house. Declutter may sound like a scary, serious word, but it’s really just another work for cleaning. Actually, it is one step up. Cleaning usually means just getting rid of the dust and trash that can collect. Decluttering your house is more about eliminating items that are broken or no longer used. The following will help you to get a start at organizing your home and freeing it of clutter.

Challenge yourself to declutter fast by racing against the clock. Set a kitchen timer for 10 minutes, and see how much you can get done within that time. When the timer buzzes, step back and admire your work. If you feel that you have more energy left in you, do another 10 minutes of cleaning. Setting up a challenge like this can make the declutter of your house more of a game, especially for those that are highly competitive by nature.

The computer desk is an area where clutter tends to collect. The desktop can become a catch all for paperwork and other miscellaneous items that do not have a home. To organize your desk, remove everything and place it in the floor. Wipe down the top of the desk to clean it. Begin replacing items on the desk…but be sure that you only place items on the desktop that will used frequently and while sitting at the desk. All other items not used at the desk need a new home. These steps can be used when organizing your office as well.

Creating systems for items in your home will help you to stay clutter free once you have gotten organized. Take a look at the way things are done in your home, and alter ones that could create clutter. Have a system in place for all of your chores, such as laundry, dishes, errands, and yardwork. For example, bills should be placed in a storage tray until they are ready to be paid. When that time comes, you can allow yourself to become organized by filling out the bill, writing the check, sealing the envelope, and taking it directly to the mailbox. If it is a local bill, keep it in a designated area until you run your errands so that it will not be forgotten or misplaced.

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