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Declutter your Bedroom to Get your Sanctuary Back

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. The place you go to relax and get away from the stressors of the day. Unfortunately, most bedrooms end up being places filled with piles of clothes, shoes and unused and even unwanted items. If you wish to have a bedroom that is more relaxing and comfortable, this article will provide ways to declutter fast. Tips to declutter your bedroom include getting rid of everything that does not belong in your room, cleaning out your closets, and organizing your items.

Getting rid of items that don’t belong in the bedroom seems easier than it sounds. Many things migrate to the bedroom-books, computers, paperwork, pencils, pens and even toys. The first step to getting a clean bedroom is to get these items out. One book on a nightstand is quite manageable, five or ten are not. It is unlikely that you are really reading this many books, so the extras should be placed back on the shelf. Also, computers and office supplies should never be in the bedroom. Save the work for your home office or some other part of the home. All paper items should get organized by being filed away or recycled, not kept in the bedroom in piles.

Empty your closets of unneeded and unwanted items. If you haven’t worn the items in years, it is time to get rid of it. If it doesn’t fit, it should be donated or sold. Clothes and shoes that cannot be worn have no place in your closet. Seasonal items should be put in bins and stored elsewhere until appropriate to wear. Once items are purged from your closet it is best to organize clothes by color and type. This will make your bedroom instantly feel more organized and clutter-free.

Finally, buy storage bins, baskets or closet organizers to help getting organized within your closet. Folded clothes should be neatly placed in hanging closet organizers or drawers. Baskets will work nicely forĀ  small items like socks, ties and hair supplies. Storage bins work well for larger items, like coats, boots and sweaters. Having proper storage equipment that can be easily placed in the closet or under the bed, will make your room feel more relaxing and clutter free.

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