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Declutter your Home Office so That you Can Be Productive

Home offices can be convenient, but they can also cause unneeded stress and anxiety when they become messy and cluttered. Home offices are used by both telecommuting employees and people who work outside of their home. Whether using the office full or part-time, they still become quite messy and cluttered quickly. The biggest culprit to a messy home office are piles of paperwork, unneeded devices and gear and books. Getting a home office under control can easily be done with the following tips.

Ridding the office of paperwork is the easiest way to get organized and declutter your home office. Unfortunately the home office ends up as the refuge for all “important” paperwork, bills and newspapers. A home office is an appropriate place for important items, such as bills, receipts and tax returns-but these items must be properly organized and filed. Having a filing system for the paperwork will make it easier to organize it into categories, such as bills, receipts, private documents (i.e. birth certificates, social security cards, etc), and miscellaneous. It may also be wise to get a desktop organizer where one can keep a few current issues of magazines or newspapers. There is no reason to keep old editions of either.

It is quite easy to get sucked into the technology world, with all the gear and new devices that come out daily. Unfortunately our home office desktops can end up looking up like an electronics store after we display all of our items. There is no need for an Ipod, home phone, Iphone, radio, laptop, monitor and mousepad. Many of these items can be condensed down into or two devices, which will allow you to declutter your life a bit. Your laptop can play music, and you don’t need an extra monitor if you are using your laptop for word processing functions. Also, your cell phone or home phone can be used in the office, with the other being placed in another room of the home. Finally, there are many blue tooth mice or keyboards that can be used wirelessly. This will rid the desktop of needless wires and cables.

Finally, a home office is not a library or study. There may be a few reference books that you need to consult on a daily or weekly basis. These should be kept in the office, well organized on a book shelf. Unless you a fiction writer using novels for reference, there is probably not a reason that novels should be kept in one’s home office. They most likely will provide a distraction from work, and take up extra space by clustering shelves and desktop. Declutter your home office by only having the books you need inside that room.

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