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Get Organized for School by Sorting Out your Backpack

It is important that you teach your children how to get organized for school. Cluttered book bags can mean forgotten important notes for parents or missed homework. If everything has its place within the book bag, it will be easy to keep things organized. If you notice that your child is having trouble finding things in his bag, it may be time for some declutter tips, so that their grades do not begin to suffer due to disorganization.

Having the right supplies will allow you to get organized for school. For each class, you need to have a different notebook or three ring binder. Each of these needs to be a different color so that you can quickly locate the folder you need. Use a marker to write the name and time on the front of the folder for easy reference, especially on the first few days of school. Alternatively, you can purchase binders with a clear sleeve on the front that will allow you to slide a piece of paper with class information inside.

Use methods of organization to organize and declutter each folder. Tab dividers are a great way to separate homework from class notes. Most dividers come in a pack of five, which may or may not be enough for the different sections of a notebook. If more or needed, you can purchase a additional dividers that can be peeled off and stuck directly to a piece of paper within the notebook. This can help you further organize your notes by chapter or topic.

Be sure to purchase a back pack that will help you get organized for school. It should have a number of pockets so that you can store your items in different areas. Pens and pencils should be kept in the smallest pocket on the front of the pack. Storing these alone will allow you to quickly grab something to write with when needed. A ruler, three hole puncher, stapler, pencil sharpener, crayons, and glue can be stored in another section. The largest pocket should hold your books and notebooks. Having everything separated will allow your children to get organized and reduce the stress placed by their teachers and demands of school.

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