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How I Declutter My Home

I used to hate coming home from work every day. I would open the front door and was assaulted with mess and clutter left by kids, my husband and my dog. I dreamt for a clean home, without mess and clutter but I didn’t know how to get it. One day, while complaining at work a co-worker overheard my plight. She suggested a few ways to make my home a little less cluttered and simple steps I could take to get organized at home. Her tips included, spending a little time every day to organize and declutter a room of my home and organizing paperwork and avoiding needless piles.

Every night after I put the children to bed, I spend 15 minutes organizing and decluttering a room of my home. I started this journey to declutter fast with my master bedroom, and found that the first night I did it I got carried away and spent an hour doing it! Now that the house has been organized and decluttered once, I only have to spend my 15 minutes doing this every night. My fifteen minutes in each room is spent putting items back where they go, for example, putting remotes in the media organizer, shoes in the shoe bin, toys in the chest and books on the bookshelves.  I also throw away garbage or junk, and get rid of any clutter I see.

My coworker also gave me great declutter tips. She said that the more piles of paperwork that a home has, the messier it will look. For this reason I started sorting my paperwork into categories: paper I need to keep, paper items I will look at soon and paper I want to throw away or recycle. This makes it much easier to keep track of bills, receipts and other important paperwork. If I get a magazine I keep it, if there is one article I want I clip that page out and place in a binder that I keep full of magazine articles I would like to keep. Finally, my children’s artwork is only displayed in one area, and if it doesn’t make it to the display wall they can place it in a scrap book or recycle it. Remembering not to put paper items and envelopes into piles has saved my sanity. My house now looks much cleaner and organized, just by using these two simple steps.

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