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How to Declutter Your Home in Just a Few Minutes Each Day

Walking into a clean home is the wish of every busy adult with a family. With children, pets and adults all sharing a home, a house can quickly become full of clutter. Although, getting rid of this clutter feels like it is an impossible task, it is quite easy to declutter your house. With these three easy tips, one can easily rid their home of unneeded clutter and mess. A few tips to declutter your home include finding places for everything, decluttering every day and buying baskets and plastic bins for organizational storage.

One tip to declutter your home is to find a place for everything. A home with children and animals means toys and stuffed animals. Toys should have a place in certain rooms of the home. For example, many homes have a play area downstairs that will have a few baskets or bins of children’s toys and books. All other toys are kept in the child’s room, also in organized bins or baskets. Other items that can easily be organized into baskets and bins are TV remote controls, keys, DVDs and CDs and small items like chapstick and pocket change. Finding a place for all of the little stuff in the home will make it much easier to keep the home looking clean and get organized now.

Finding time to declutter everyday is a wonderful way to start the process to declutter your home. Even if you only have fifteen extra minutes a day, use this time to clean, organize and sort through items that you no longer use. Fifteen minutes is the perfect amount of time to organize one room a day. Starting with the living room on Monday, and picking a different room in the home every day is a great routine to start and makes decluttering your home an easier task. Remembering to get rid of unused and unwanted items in all rooms is the main goal of this type of decluttering.

Decluttering your house by organizing pantries, cupboards and closets will start you on the right track to keeping the home clutter free. Buying inexpensive baskets and plastic bins to store spices, canned goods and other kitchen items will make the kitchen clutter free and easier to navigate. Other places to use storage containers are bedroom and hall closets, garages and bathrooms. Storing unused seasonal items, extra toiletries and lawn and garden tools will make these areas more navigable.

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